OLAC Shares its Results for the RDA Test

OLAC or the Online Audiovisual Catalogers were one of the test partners for the RDA Test. Just recently they shared their results and questions that came up during the test. The Online Audiovisual Catalogers/Music Library Association (OLAC/MLA) group (http://www.olacinc.org/drupal/?q=node/432) that participated in the U.S. national libraries' test of RDA has published summaries of many of our wiki- and …

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LCSH video recording headings

This announcement recently came through the OLAC listserv. For those interested in LC's genre and form headings, definitely go and take a look at this document. The Policy and Standards Division is looking for your comments! As part of its ongoing moving image genre/form headings project, early this year the Policy and Standards Division (PSD) …

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