Bibliographic Framework Transition Initiative: LC Needs Your Feedback

The Library of Congress just released its initial plan for the Bibliographic Framework Transition Initiative. It's asking the library community to provide feedback on the plan. The group's task is primarily concerned with finding alternatives to the MARC format: The Working Group of the Future of Bibliographic Control, as it examined technology for the future, wrote …

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“The MARC Pilot Project. Final Report”

Thanks to Matthew Beacom who posted the link to this report on the RDA listserv. In 1968, Henriette D. Avram published the document, The MARC pilot project: final report. Today as we have experienced first hand or read about the RDA test, it is interesting to go back in time to read about the test …

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Kelley McGrath on RDA and MARC

Kelley recently posted on the Internet this PDF entitled "Will RDA Kill MARC" ( (from ALA MidWinter 2011). This is a straightforward and easy to follow presentation on the limitations of MARC21, some of the benefits of RDA, and its shortcomings as well. Kelley gives us the added bonus of including her notes to each …

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Ann Chapman on RDA

Ann Chapman gave a guest lecture at the London Metropolitan University entitled "Tools of our trade: AACR2/RDA and MARC". This presentation is a good general introduction to AACR2, RDA, and MARC21. It contains some cataloging history, some brief points on where we are today, and some speculation on where we might be headed.