Introduction to Application Profiles

Maybe you've heard of application profiles. Maybe not. What is an application profile? What can applications profiles be used for? How do application profiles relate to FRBR, Dublin Core, or RDF? These slides prepared by John Phipps, Karen Coyle, and Diane Hillmann are a great starting point to answer these questions and more.

Are User Tasks Outdated asks NGC4LIB

The whole question of the relevance of the user tasks set out in FRBR and adopted by RDA came up in several threads on the listserv NGC4Lib. The actually thread is rather short on the topic itself, which can be found on the NGC4Lib archives for the month of October. This thread originated in another …

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Rick J. Block and RDA

Rick J. Block has been speaking on RDA for some time now. I recently came across his website via William Denton's FRBR Blog. The page is entitled, RDA: Victors or Victims. This is actually a presentation that Rick did for the New York Technical Services group. Last year, he presented, RDA: Boondoggle or Boon? at …

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NGC4lib on WEMI and Identifiers

The listserv, the Next Generation Catalog for Libraries has been extremely busy this last month. Three discussions really stand out: FRBR's Group 1 entities and what type of identifiers are associated with them, in particular works, expressions and manifestations ; Tim Berners Lee and the Semantic Web ; FRBR's user tasks and their continued relevance. …

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Karen Coyle on Titles and Works

Karen Coyle has an excellent post called, What is a (FRBR) Work?, from her blog, Coyle's InFormation. In this post, she tries to determine what a work is by asking whether a title should be included in a work record. FRBR defines a work as: 3.2.1 Work The first entity defined in the model is …

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RDA Presentation by B. Tillett

The Atlantic Provinces Library Association recently held their annual meeting from June 10-13, 2009. Barbara Tillett gave a presentation on RDA entitled: Sharing Standards for Bibliographic Data Worldwide: an Overview of Changes in Cataloging Practices. The description reads: Built on foundations established by the Anglo-American CataloguingRules (AACR), RDA (Resouce Description and Access) will provide a …

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