Rick J. Block and RDA

Rick J. Block has been speaking on RDA for some time now. I recently came across his website via William Denton's FRBR Blog. The page is entitled, RDA: Victors or Victims. This is actually a presentation that Rick did for the New York Technical Services group. Last year, he presented, RDA: Boondoggle or Boon? at …

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Code4Lib and FRBR

At the recent Code4Lib 2009 Conference in Providence, there was a talk on FRBR by Jodi Schneider and William Denton. In my first post, I thought of creating a separate page with links to various resources on FRBR and RDA. After some thought and seeing the types of resources out there on the web, I …

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Code4Lib2009 …again

The Proverbial Lone Wolf Librarian just posted this link on his blog about staffing, library culture, and digital projects. The link is to Michael Edson's blog, Using Data. The brief presentation called the Web Tech Guy and Angry Staff person really strikes at the heart of many difficulties that we face within the library culture. …

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