Are User Tasks Outdated asks NGC4LIB

The whole question of the relevance of the user tasks set out in FRBR and adopted by RDA came up in several threads on the listserv NGC4Lib. The actually thread is rather short on the topic itself, which can be found on the NGC4Lib archives for the month of October. This thread originated in another …

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NGC4Lib : More on Cooperative Cataloging

Not that long ago Jim Weinheimer announced a new project called the Cooperative Cataloging Rules. This is a website created along with a blog by Jim Weinheimer to be an alternative to RDA, scheduled for release in some near future. From the website: This is a cooperative site originally created by James Weinheimer [profile] as …

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Rick J. Block and RDA

Rick J. Block has been speaking on RDA for some time now. I recently came across his website via William Denton's FRBR Blog. The page is entitled, RDA: Victors or Victims. This is actually a presentation that Rick did for the New York Technical Services group. Last year, he presented, RDA: Boondoggle or Boon? at …

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