Tom Delsy on youtube

Recently I found these 3 YouTube videos of Tom Delsy speaking about MARC21, RDA, FRBR, and FRAD. This is a presentation that Tom did in Germany in 2009. It's a nice introduction to the connection between these in 3 parts.    

RDA PowerPoint Slides: “Crisis or Opportunity?”

Here are some slides on RDA by Diane Hillmann. Although Diane posted this slide presentation 6 months ago, the information is still very useful and provides a good overview of RDA. For those interested in metadata in general, see Diane's website for her business called Metadata Management at:

Code4Lib and FRBR

At the recent Code4Lib 2009 Conference in Providence, there was a talk on FRBR by Jodi Schneider and William Denton. In my first post, I thought of creating a separate page with links to various resources on FRBR and RDA. After some thought and seeing the types of resources out there on the web, I …

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