Updated Transformations from LC for MODS

This is actually funny. I just saw today that the Library of Congress has updated transformations for MODS on its MODS web site (http://www.loc.gov/standards/mods). For a very long time, the transformations were for MODS version 3.2. Now, they’ve been updated for version 3.4. Of course, that didn’t help me just 3 weeks ago when I modified the MODS 3.2 to Simple Dublin Core. However it was great experience with xslt. Now only if LC would also do a transformation for MODS to FGDC CSGDM! That would be fantastic.

Update… not all the transformations have been updated. Actually only one of the stylesheets has been updated for the current version of MODS. So my enthusiasm was short lived but I still hope that LC will pull through and update the rest… one day.


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