Blog on RDA

The rise of more RDA resources on the web remind me that the “deadline” is fast approaching. Don’t some still use the phrase Retirement Day Approaching? The other day a colleague told me that one of her staff members would use this phrase all the time. The only problem was that this person won’t be able to retire by mid next year. The happy ending to this story is that this person has fully embraced RDA and is leading the training charge in their office. Whether you are for or against RDA, I find that there are a number of resources out there. Resource Description and Access Blog by Salman Haider is one of those new resources. Quite simply, it is a blog about RDA. In other words, it attempts to bring under one roof resources about RDA. For the moment, it links out to the RDA Toolkit, and the schedule of webinars to help you learn about and to use the RDA Toolkit. It also provides links to the LC training materials and external working groups on RDA. If you don’t know where to start, this is as good a place as any. But beware, you won’t find any “content” so to speak. There’s no link to RDA itself. Also, content in RDA land tends to be updating rather quickly; sections are being corrected and/or added….still. Make sure you check the currency of any links and the content. Also sign up for webinars now so that you can understand if these resources listed in this blog are slightly dated or just what you need.


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