How Are Your Google Searching Skills?

Recently I learned about a blog called SearchResearch by Daniel M. Russell. Daniel works for Google and studies the way people search the internet…in a nutshell. From his home page, you can access his presentations. The most recent one that was sent around the web was called “What does it mean to be literate in the Age of Google?” from  February 28, 2012 for the  Princeton Louis Clark Vanuxem Lecture ( Video of my presentation 88:21 TRT).

On his blog, SearchResearch, Daniel posts search puzzles. He asks people to search the web for the answer. Today’s puzzle:

While reading broadly the other day I ran across a most curious fact; an observation that I’ll pose to you as a question about a man most eldritch in character. 

Q:  Edgar Terry was transported from Fort Independence, MA to Fort Moultrie, SC.  What was the name of the ship that carried him to the fort in South Carolina? 

For extra credit:  His experiences at Fort Moultrie appeared in his later writings.  Can you find at least two of his writings that make use of his time there? 
Do you know the answer? What else do you know about the question and answers?

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