Unified Resource Discover Comparison

For some time, there has been the hype surrounding discovery systems for libraries. Having an online presence is simply not enough. You need to add widgets, toolbars, web 2.0 goodies and many other bells and whistles. Some places have opted for open source options. Others seek out vendors. So how do you select a discovery service or OPAC for your institution? Andy Ekins from Christ Church University and Lukas Koster from the Library of the University of Amsterdam, NL have a website with a comparison of the major discovery and other OPAC choices out there at: https://sites.google.com/site/urd2comparison/home/comparison. The comparison chart is NOT full proof and there are some things to watch out for. For example, FAST is listed in the chart. Why would the Faceted Application of Subject Terminology be listed? Despite these quirks, Andy and Lukas have compiled a great deal of information on what systems are available and who uses what. It is definitely worth a look if you are new to discovery systems and newer catalog interfaces.

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