Are you tired with your ILS? Perhaps you’ve heard of Koha or Evergreen. I just learned of another open source ILS called Kuali OLE. Kuali is a open source extensible service driven library management system geared towards academic and research libraries.

From the website:


Built, owned, governed by the academic and research library community

Supports the wide range of resources and formats of scholarly information

Interoperates & integrates with other enterprise and network-based systems

Supports federation across projects, partners, consortia, and institutions

Provides workflow design & management capabilities

Provides information management capabilities to non-library efforts

Partners include among others Duke University, University of Chicago, University of Florida, Indiana University, University of Pennsylvania. Kuali is still in development. Version 0.3 has been released. What looks to be the final version or 1.0 ready for implementation will be released around December 2012. Be sure to check out the presentations page, where you can find a webcast with a demo of Kuali (CNI Spring Membership Meeting from 2011).

Here are some snapshots from the website of features and releases:


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