Help Librarians Who Suffered From Irene

Irene might have passed through about two weeks ago. But many are still trying to recover from the damages. NELA now has a librarian relief fund. From the NELA blog:

A message from NELA
New England Library Association

The Vermont Library Association is launching the Librarian Relief Fund to assist librarians who suffered personal property damages as a result of Hurricane Irene. Many of our colleagues need support beyond what is offered them by governmental agencies, so please donate generously to their cause.

Contributions can be mailed to:

Vermont Library Association | Attn: Librarian Relief Fund | P.O. Box 803 | Burlington, VT 05402

You can also donate online at:

Please note that 5% of your online gift goes towards Network for Good’s administrative costs, but you can choose an option of paying for it as well.

An application process for funding will be announced shortly. In the meantime, please give! Thank you for supporting your fellow members of the Vermont library community.


2 thoughts on “Help Librarians Who Suffered From Irene

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