New Statement from OCLC on RDA

Thanks to Mike Reynolds who posted this to the RDA listserv.

OCLC has issued the following statement (from their news of the day on Connexion Client).

” With the release of the U.S. RDA test results, OCLC is beginning a process to
determine how best to proceed in the integration of RDA practices into WorldCat.
The current OCLC policy statement on RDA cataloging, which has been in effect
since the publication of RDA in June 2010, is located here:
Later this year, OCLC will issue a discussion paper regarding the possible
future of bibliographic records with mixed practices in WorldCat. The purpose
will be to generate the widest possible discussion among OCLC members in order
to work toward a consensus about policies that will work best for the cataloging
community and for library users. With a U.S. implementation date for RDA of no
sooner than January 2013, there is time to consider what best practices might
help to carry cooperative cataloging into the long term future. In the meantime,
OCLC requests that libraries continue to abide by the policies outlined in the
current policy statement. Please do not edit master records to change them from
RDA to AACR2 or from AACR2 to RDA unless permitted under the policies set forth.”