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*CIG e-forum on RDA*

*April 18-19, 2011*

*Hosted by the Cataloguing & Indexing Group (CIG) of CILIP. Co-moderated by CIG Committee members
Céline Carty and Helen Williams*

Please join us for an e-forum discussion. It's free and open to everyone!

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On both days, sessions begin at 9am and end at 5pm (UK time).

While we await publication of the results of US RDA Test and an announcement about implementation from the
Library of Congress, what is happening in the UK to prepare for RDA?  How will libraries manage the
integration of RDA and AACR2 records in their library management systems?  Will it meet user needs?  Will
your LMS supplier be ready?  What about exchange of records both nationally and internationally?  How do
you plan to train your staff?  How are you communicating with senior staff about financial, training and
workflows impacts?  Are you planning to implement at all, and how soon?

This CIG hosted e-forum will allow UK librarians and cataloguers to air questions and concerns and to share
ideas and plans.  Whether you feel you are a novice or an expert, we invite anyone interested in RDA to take
part - cataloguers, systems librarians, technical services managers, students etc.  We hope that this
will be a very useful e-event for everyone considering the implications of RDA and will include a report
from the CILIP Executive briefing on RDA.

Céline Carty
As Cataloguing Team Leader at Cambridge University Library, Céline Carty has special responsibility
for AV materials and looseleaf as well as dealing with cataloguing workflows and documentation. Her
first professional post was as a full-time cataloguer at Stanford University in California, after which
she spent four years as a deputy librarian in a faculty library in Cambridge. As part of her current role,
she is responsible for cataloguing training for library staff across the University Library (and
sometimes beyond). Céline will be speaking about preparations at Cambridge University Library at
the CILIP Executive Briefing on RDA in London on April 12th.

Helen Williams
After a graduate trainee year at the London Library Helen completed her MA in Library and Information
Studies at UCL in 2002.  She spent 3 years working for the Institute of Directors Library dealing with
research enquiries and being responsible initially for cataloguing and then acquisitions.  In 2005 she
chartered and moved to her current role as Assistant Librarian at the London School of Economics Library
where she has responsibility for cataloguing and cataloguing standards.  She has carried out an
extensive authority control project and more recently has been incorporating Institutional
Repository work into the Bibliographic Services workflows.

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