IMDB to MARC records

MOD Librarian just posted this fantastic link to a site where you type in the name of a movie (that can be found on the Internet Movie Database) and you get a MARC bibliographic record that you can export. The exported file (that has the extension .mrc) can be viewed and/or enhanced in MarcEdit before loading into your ILS.

I’m not sure where MOD Librarian found this site. But it is GREAT. And from what I can tell this is part of a larger service from Amazon? where you can also get records for anything with either an ISBN, EAN, or UPC. The link is: There’s an option to export MARC records (the extension for these is .lfts).

Here’s an example of a record returned for the movie “Scarface”:

000 00000ngm  2200000 a 4500
001 tt0086250
003 IMDb
008 110321s1983    xxu                 eng d
245 00 Scarface |h [videorecording]
260    [S.l. : |b s.n., |c 1983.]
300    1 video (2 hrs. 50 mins.)
306    025000.
500    Original release date: 9 Dec 1983.
508    Director, Brian De Palma ; screenplay, Oliver Stone.
511 1  Starring Al Pacino, Michelle Pfeiffer, Steven Bauer, Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio.
520 0  In 1980 Miami, a determined Cuban immigrant takes over a drug empire while succumbing to greed. (Cartel not Mafia)
521 8  MPAA rating: R.
588    IMDb.
655  0 Crime films.
655  0 Feature films.
655  0 Thrillers (Motion pictures, television, etc.)
700 1  Palma, Brian De.
700 1  Stone, Oliver.
700 1  Pacino, Al.
700 1  Pfeiffer, Michelle.
700 1  Bauer, Steven.
700 1  Mastrantonio, Mary Elizabeth.
856 40 |3 Poster image |u
856 40 |3 Internet Movie Database |u


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