Diane Hillmann on Getting Along with Programmers

Code4Lib is underway in Bloomington, IN. The keynote address this year was “Critical Collaborations: Programmers and Catalogers? Really?” by Diane Hillmann. The archived stream for this presentation (that begins at min. 91 with some technical difficulties) and those presentations for the first day of the conference can be found at:http://www.indiana.edu/~uits/code4lib/program/sessions.php. The program with the list of presenters for this first day is at: http://www.indiana.edu/~uits/code4lib/program/conference.php.

Diane posted a comment a couple of posts ago on the much needed collaboration that needs to take place between catalogers and programmers. Essentially this is the topic of her presentation. To say the least, I very much agree with Diane on this. A typical scenario has catalogers in one room reporting to one person, metadata librarians in another room reporting to a different head, and programmers in yet another area of the library. Sometimes, metadata librarians and programmers can be in the same digital initiatives area. I suspect the reason is that in the view of some, metadata librarians are just so much cooler and geekier than catalogers; unfortunately, I’ve heard this opinion sprouted from not only metadata librarians but administrators. Going beyond these generalities, and, to return to Diane’s presentation, she describes in short some things that separate catalogers and programmers and some things that could bring us together. In brief, we need to start collaborating. For Diane, the solution might just be from the bottom up. I think Kelley McGrath’s editorial introduction to v.11 of the Code4Lib Journal is an example. Hopefully, this is just the beginning of more.

Stay tuned for more posts on Code4Lib, which is in session at Indiana University in Bloomington, IN.

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