ITALica -New Blog

The editors of LITS’s Information Technology and Libraries journal have created at new blog called ITALica. The main purpose of this blog is to have authors post short summaries of their articles published in Information Technology and Libraries, receive, and respond to comments.

The official blurb:

The editorial board of LITA’s Information Technology and Libraries have attempted to create an environment in which readers can discuss each issue of ITAL. We’ll ask the authors of the articles to monitor the discussion for a period of time after publication so that you’ll have a chance to interact with them, too.

This is an interesting idea and one that I like. This is a great way for current and future readers to comment on what is being published in this journal directly with the authors. This might even be a way to network and ask more detailed questions about a topic. For the time being, only 1 post has 1 comment…but this blog just got started. I’ve been reading this journal for a couple of years and have found some good material. So let’s give it a chance and see what happens.


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