Your Opinion on the RDA Toolkit Counts

If you’d like to voice your opinion on the RDA Toolkit, ALA publishing has put out a statement soliciting just this.

Here are the details:

Improving the RDA Toolkit with your help!


As a user, you have valuable information that can help us make improvements to the RDA Toolkit. We are interested in learning directly about your early experiences in using the Toolkit to help us prioritize our next steps and improvements. We appreciate your input; the survey should take no more than 5-7 minutes to complete, plus time for any additional comments you’d like to make.


If you’d like to review the questions before you start the survey, they are available at


The survey is designed for current users of the RDA Toolkit, but all are welcome to take the survey at


Please note that we are not asking about the content of RDA: Resource Description and Access; for feedback, input, or questions on that content, please visit the JSC website at


Purchase your RDA subscriptions online from anywhere in the world at (Note that the online store calculates for you the double-user offer* through August 31, 2011).


*During the evaluation and initial implementation of RDA when you are likely to need more frequent concurrent access, you receive double the purchased number of concurrent users of the RDA Toolkit at no additional charge for your first subscription period. (For example, buy a 2-user site license but get a 4-user license for no additional cost.)


Resource Description and Access (RDA) and the RDA Toolkit are published by the Co-Publishers for RDA (the American Library Association, the Canadian Library Association, and Facet Publishing, the publishing arm of CILIP: the Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals).



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