New NACO Code for Sky River

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The PCC welcomes a new NACO Node* member, SkyRiver Technology Solutions.  Name authority records contributed through SkyRiver will carry the prefix “ns.”   The Library of Congress has been working with all NACO nodes to prepare for the new prefix in LC NACO Authority File (LCNAF) records.  The first NACO records from SkyRiver will enter the shared database on November 17, 2010.


SkyRiver will use MARC organization codes as identifiers for PCC partners who contribute through their service.  SkyRiver’s own records will appear under the MARC code CaEvSKY.


Please direct questions about this new node to SkyRiver Technology Solutions.

For information on NACO, please email:


*The Program for Cooperative Cataloging (PCC) uses a File Transfer Protocol (FTP) process to enable record exchanges among NACO partner institutions.   The Library of Congress and its “NACO Nodes” do direct FTP exchanges.  NACO libraries, numbering in the hundreds, contribute records to the LC NACO Authority File via the NACO nodes.



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