OLAC Conference Materials

Last October, OLAC or the Online Audivisual Catalogers, had their annual conference in Georgia. I was finally able to see what they posted online from this conference. And it’s some really good beginner and intermediate pointers for how to deal with other formats such as streaming media, DVDs, and integrating resources. It is definitely worth a look at the presentations archived here.

OLACs main page can be found here. If you click on Publication and Newsletters on the left, and then the first link “Cataloging Tools, Training Presentations, and Other Publications (CAPC, Cataloging Policy Committee)“, you’ll find a list of very usefully best practices for various special formats like Blu-Ray, streaming media, or integrating resources. OLAC’s Newsletters also have a section for OLACs Cataloger’s judgment where frequently answered questions are answered by Jay Weitz.