Shout Out To Test New Classification Web

Have you ever thought it would be great to work with a cataloging tool that is user-friendly, fairly easy to navigate, provides clear examples? I’m not saying that the new Classification Web promises all that. However, if you participate in the test, maybe there’s a chance to get our voices heard and make Classification Web a better and easier tool to work with.

Here’s the details of the test thanks to a posting on Autocat:

The Library of Congress is pleased to announce that a newly enhanced version of Classification Web is now
available for user testing.  The new version is expected to replace the current version later this year.  It
includes the following new or enhanced features, as well as numerous other  changes and improvements:

 *   Name authorities are available via browse and search screens that are accessible from the Main Menu screen.

 *   The correlations feature has been expanded and redesigned.  Correlations choices now include the full
range of name and subject headings, "name as creator" correlations, and National Library of Medicine
classification numbers

 *   An LCSH browse screen has been added to the main Menu screen.

 *   Drop-down link menus have replaced the alphabetical links that follow classification captions and
search results.  The links that appear in these dropdown menus are spelled out in full for ease of use. Link
menus are accessed by clicking on a small rectangular icon that appears at the end of each line. 
Classification browse displays are now cleaner and easier to read, uncluttered by links.

 *   All search screens have been simplified and standardized.

 *   Help screens have been completely redesigned and rewritten, and now include information on previously
undocumented features, such as phrase searching and the use of other Boolean operators in searches.

All Classification Web users are invited to test this new version, which is accessible via the following link:

Users may switch seamlessly back and forth between the test system and the regular Class Web system, using
their normal Class Web logins.  Both systems access the same production database.  Any changes made to user
preferences in either system will automatically be carried forward to the other system.

Note: Users should be be aware that logging into the test version and the regular version simultaneously
will use two licenses.  It is therefore recommended that you log out of one version before logging into the other.

We welcome feedback from users about their experiences using this new version.  Please address  comments or
suggestions to Patricia Hayward, Cataloging Distribution Service (phay@...).

Paul Weiss
Library of Congress
Acquisitions and Bibliographic Access Directorate
Policy and Standards Division