CILIP Conference Presentations

The Cataloging and Indexing Group of CILIP or the Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals posted their conference presentations from their get together at the University of Exeter from September 13-15.

Briefly, the introduction to this conference was:

What are cataloguers doing to get through these days of recession and financial stringency? Some of us are under clouds and some of us are computing in them. The 2010 Cataloguing and Indexing Group conference will look at the pressures facing the cataloguing community and how people are working through them. Some current developments may have come out of difficult circumstances but may signal the way of the future. e.g. Management initiatives (reducing cost, increasing efficiency, doing more with less, etc); cataloguing developments and changes automated metadata extraction, harvesting, re-purposing and re-use); technical developments (shared services, cloud solutions, vertical search, etc); new standards and protocols (not just RDA!); standardisation; etc, etc. If you think you might have a story to tell this is your chance.

The presentations tend to be short and focus more on providing a cursory introduction to the topic. However, I found some great ideas within the presentations ranging on how the field of cataloging is changing and RDA. If you have time, these presentations are worth a read or two.


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