Update about RDA Toolkit

For those who have asked for an account with the RDA Toolkit for the trial period, here’s an update from Troy from ALA Publishing.

…The open access period for the RDA Toolkit has not yet begun.  The site will launch soon. Each person that signed up or gave us their email address will be notified of the launch by email in addition to postings on this list and many others.

Users that have registered for open access will receive their login information (site URL, authentication method with login and password if

applicable) via email on or slightly before launch day.  Early open access confirmation emails contained a erroneous URL to a nonexistent online registration confirmation page. This URL is not the site URL (the site URL will be made public on launch day) and due to the confusion the URL was dropped from subsequent open access emails. Anyone that would like more information about open access please visit our website www.rdatoolkit.org/openaccess

Anyone that believes they registered for open access who does not receive their login information on launch day, please submit a support ticket at www.rdatoolkit.org/support and our staff will confirm your registration and re-send your login information.

Kind regards,

Troy Linker

Publisher, ALA Digital Reference

American Library Association

(312) 280-5101


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