“Opinion of the Usefullness of Certain Library Technologies”

If you are interested, you can order a copy of this new survey from the Primary Research Group. The PDF copy runs about $64.

Primary Research Group has published: The Survey of Academic Librarians:
Opinion of the Usefulness of Certain Library Technologies, ISBN 1-57440-150-5.

This study, based on a survey of more than 550 academic librarians, presents
130 tables of data pinpointing academic librarian support and opposition to
spending more on various library technologies. The report helps library
administrators and vendors to gauge the level of academic librarian interest in
certain library technologies, breaking it down by variables such as library
department and college type.

Technologies covered include: laptops for patrons, computer labs, digital
cameras, library management systems, e-books, student response systems or
“clickers”, content management  systems, virtual whiteboards and other

Just a few of the report’s many findings are that:

32.39% of librarians sampled felt that their library should be spending more on
optical scanning equipment; 3.28% felt they should spend less while 44.86% felt
spending should remain the same.

Support for spending more on computer & technology labs was particularly strong
in Canada.

68% of librarians working in public colleges wanted to increase library
spending on laptops for patrons.

Support for enhancing e-book collections was strongest among colleges with more
than 20,000 students.

Support for more spending on content management systems was greatest among
librarians working primarily in cataloging and technical services.

In general, older librarians strongly supported spending on virtual
whiteboards; younger librarians, less so.

For further information view our website at www.PrimaryResearch.com.


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