ISBD: New Draft

The latest ISBD draft needs your comments and suggestions.

World Wide review of “ISBD:  International Standard Bibliographic Description — 2010 consolidated edition” – Invitation to review

After more than two years since the publication of the ISBD preliminary consolidated edition, 2007, we now present for your review the following draft.

This draft takes into account suggestions received from the previous worldwide review of the preliminary consolidated edition, suggestions that were not resolved at that time, as well as many other issues.

In order to facilitate review, the draft is presented in a marked-up file and also in a clean file, accompanied by a list of revisions, available at Comments should be based on the clean draft and refer to the line numbers and stipulation numbers in that draft.

The changes you will find are the following:

* A new Area 0, called “Content Form and Media Type Area”, containing the three elements of (1) content form, (2) content qualification, and (3) media type. After a period of revisions and worldwide review this area was approved by the IFLA Cataloguing Section in 2009 and published on the IFLA website. It is now included in the ISBD for the first time, and the general material designation has been removed from Area 1;

* Editorial work to avoid redundancy and achieve more harmonization;

* Simplification of designating the levels of mandatory, optional and conditional elements to indicate only when an element is mandatory;

* Clarification of the basis of the description, which constitutes the object of the bibliographic description;

* Greater attention to multipart monographic resources;

* Revision of the sources of information;

* Larger consideration of the requirements of nonroman scripts;

* Removal of stipulations for the description of older monographic resources that did not agree with ISBD practices;

* Clarification of why the qualifiers are different from elements; and

* Inclusion of more definitions in the glossary.

Please respond to this draft no later than 11 July 2010.

Please send your comments and suggestions to Elena Escolano Rodriquez at and also to John Hostage at

Thank you all in advance.

Elena Escolano Rodríguez

Chair, ISBD Review Group

Anders Cato

Chair, Standing Committee of the IFLA Cataloguing Section