NETSL on the Future of Metadata

The 2010 Annual Spring conference sponsored by NETSL (the New England Technical Services Librarians) has come and gone. It was an amazing conference with rich presentations. Thankfully, NETSL posted some of the presenters’ presentations at:

The two keynote speakers this year were Barbara Tillett and Jon Orwant. In the morning and afternoon slots, there were 3 breakout sessions that were well attended.

Barbara opened the conference with her presentation, “Building blocks for the future : making controlled vocabularies available for the web”. Her presentation was extremely rich and touched on several key issues for catalogers and metadata librarians today such as linked data, SKOS, and cloud computing. Throughout her presentation, she provided current examples of people participating in web 2.0 presence for controlled vocabularies. A few examples are the RDA vocabularies over at Metadata Registry or the LC Subject Headings. Barbara mentioned the work on VIAF as well as plans to expand not just VIAF but also the LC Subject Headings to personal names, corporate bodies, and meetings.

Jon Orwant unfortunately hasn’t posted his presentation. However, he gave a brief overview of how Google has developed better ways to differentiate volumes and dates for instance. Hopefully, his presentation will be posed shortly.

Take a look at this material as well as the presentations from the breakout sessions. It was a great conference with lots to learn.


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