OLAC Seeks Volunteers for RDA National Test

If you are interested in RDA and audiovisual materials and would like to be a part of the RDA national test, then OLAC is looking for you.

Here’s the announcement from Kelly McGrath:

OLAC and MLA are participating in the U.S. National Libraries RDA testing (http://www.loc.gov/bibliographic-future/rda/). We are currently looking for a couple more OLAC members to participate in the testing group.

The tentative timeline for the testing is at http://www.loc.gov/bibliographic-future/rda/timeline.html.

If you join the testing group, you will be expected to participate in the three-month training period, to create up to five AACR2 records for items in various formats designated by LC, and to create at least fifteen RDA records, some of which will be for items designated by LC and some for a/v items that you encounter in your normal cataloging workflow. There will be a questionnaire to fill out about each record.

Participants will have access to the online RDA product during the testing period and should be able to create records in OCLC Connexion.

If you are interested in volunteering, please send me a short email with an expression of interest and a list of formats that you are willing to catalog by the end of the day on Monday, April 19. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you.

Kelley McGrath
Coordinator for OLAC/MLA RDA testing group kmcgrath@bsu.edu


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