Diane Hillmann to teach a class on RDA

Dianne announced that she’s going to teach a class on RDA!

She writes:

So here I go again, this time teaching students about a new cataloging standard that is not only uncooked at present, but has divided opinion in the library community to an extent that reminds me of the current war on health care reform. My approach to RDA emphasizes the data aspects of the effort, and I’m pretty sure that nobody else is doing anything like this. Most sensible people, including most teachers, like to wait until things settle down before trying to set up a course to teach actual paying students about it. As usual I’ve decided to live a little more dangerously, and I certainly hope the students can sign on for the class recognizing the adventure, rather than focusing on the chaotic quality of the world of RDA at present. Just to keep things interesting, this is an online course, and I’ve never done one of those before, though I’m fairly comfortable in the online world generally.

Besides her comments on teaching RDA, she has some really good ones about teaching cataloging courses in general. I particularly liked this one:

They particularly didn’t like the fact that I gave them readings and assignments THEN lectured on the topic, rather than the other way around.

Give it read. This should be a great class. Best of luck Diane!

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