Survey on RDA and AACR2

Apparently this survey had a few bugs that have been taken care off. If you’re interested in making your thoughts known on RDA, then here’s a survey from Elaine Sanchez:

This is from Elaine Sanchez, Texas State University-San Marcos. In a February 11 post on Autocat about RDA implementation and AACR2, I suggested that AACR2 continue to be maintained by the Joint Steering Committee for RDA (the agency that is responsible for AACR2 and RDA) for all libraries that cannot afford the RDA Toolkit or RDA implementation, because: AACR2 is a viable, existing, working  cataloging code which is, and will continue to be, effective for description of and access to all kinds of information resources. I said:

“We should keep AACR2 alive and evolving, regardless of RDA implementation. RDA may well come, FRBR may well be implemented in online catalog displays, and cataloging on the Semantic Web may arrive, too; but we live now, we catalog now, we have budget problems now, we have administrators who want cataloging production to continue, now. We don’t live in the future, and we don’t live in theory …”

I also said that I would create and send out a survey on AACR2, RDA and this same question, as well as other related issues, to gather librarians’ input and send the results to the Joint Steering Committee for RDA, as well as other entities such as the Library of Congress, and to the same listservs that I originally sent the survey notification to.

I have the survey now available for your input. Here is the link to the survey. Just click on the link below, and type in your thoughts.

Survey title:     AACR2, RDA and YOU

The survey is open for your input through April 16. After that date it will be closed and analysis of data will begin. It is hoped that some preliminary results will be distributed to various cataloging listservs and RDA/AACR2 official entities and others beginning sometime in May.

Please let me know if you have any questions about the survey, or difficulties with completing it.

Taking advantage of your attention, I have another very brief survey (only 10 questions) posted, also closing on April 16, which seeks your thoughts, feelings and opinions on being a cataloger or metadata librarian, what it means to you, why you think it is important, and its future. Preliminary, basic results for this survey will be available publicly on various listservs in the summer of 2010, with detailed results to be included in a future publication.

I have the survey now available for your input. Just click on the link below, and type in your thoughts.

Survey Title: Your Feelings about your Cataloging (Metadata) Profession

Thank you for your consideration of these surveys. I wanted to let the JSC on RDA and other entities working on RDA hear your message and know your needs regarding AACR2 and RDA implementation.

It is also a good time to think about our profession, and thoughtfully review our esteem of, and feelings/observations for, what we do.

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

Thank you,


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