Update on RDA and Cataloger’s Desktop

Posted by Troy Linker.

Unlike electronic access to AACR2, access to the RDA Toolkit will not be
included in the Cataloger’s Desktop price. The announcement today is that
while RDA Toolkit and Cataloger’s Desktop are separate stand alone products the
Co-Publishers and Library of Congress have worked out a way for subscribers to
both to search and link to RDA from within Cataloger’s Desktop.

The Co-Publishers and the Library of Congress discussed various working
relationships and ideas over the course of many months and the announced
agreement was the most cost effective of the options we could implement. I
can’t speak for the Library of Congress, but the Co-Publishers do not have any
current plans for any pricing discounts or sales promotions related to
Cataloger’s Desktop.

Kind regards,

Troy Linker
Publisher, ALA Digital Reference
American Library Association