The RDA Toolkit

Troy Linker from ALA Publishing confirmed the June 1, 2010 release of the RDA Toolkit. There was a demo of the product as well as a question answer period about its features and pricing.


RDA Toolkit will offer among other features:

  • the RDA document
  • Element set view
  • AACR2
  • Worklfows
  • Mappings
  • Agency policy statements
  • and more

Some of the features above as well as others are still in development. ALA Publishing stated that they consider the RDA Toolkit a product that will evolve and continue to be developed after its first release.

Some other features of the Toolkit are:

  • Ability to hide or show examples when viewing a chapter or section of RDA
  • Create profiles for individual users
  • View an entire chapter (the Toolkit loads the entire chapter and an indicator in the upper left hand side will show when the chapter has been loaded)
  • Ability to add bookmarks either for individual users’ profiles or so that everyone at that institution can see them. There will also be the option of hiding all bookmarks
  • Ability to print the entire RDA document (this will be the only way to get RDA in print)
  • Create or use already created workflows thanks to a word processing editor tool in conjunction with the feature, “Workflows”. ALA Publishing is looking into how to allow users to copy and paste certain parts of the RDA document into workflows while preserving the format of the text.
  • Document has a date to show its currency
  • Within the Element set view, there are links to everything about the phrase or element. This was originally the schema view
  • Ability to search by phrases, using limitations based on description type, content type, or mode of issuance. Ability to search the entire RDA Toolkit or sections
  • Search phrase is highlighted in the results
  • Ability to search and navigate AACR2
  • AACR2 rule number search of RDA instructions
  • Technical support at

Pricing (Quoting from the ALA Publishing flyer on the RDA Toolkit)

Base price

  • Annual licensing fee for one user at a time, unlimited number of total users $325

Additional concurrent users:

  • 2-9 concurrent users       $55 per additional user
  • 10-19 concurrent users   $50 per additional user
  • 20+ concurrent users      $45 per additional user

Example: 5 total users, but only 3 concurrent users

$325 base price + 2 x $55 = $435

For consortiums and library schools, it looks like ALA Publishing will negotiate prices for the RDA Toolkit.

For institutions with several libraries, it is possible to set up one annual license for that institution and then add any additional users needed instead of setting up an annual license for all libraries at one institution.


  • For the period of June 1st to Aug. 31st, RDA Toolkit will be FREE. After Aug. 31st, ALA Publishing will offer a 30 day trial period to any who would like to try the product out. After that 30 day period, an annual license will have to be purchased.

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  3. By far the most concise and up to date information I found on this topic. Sure glad that I navigated to your page by accident. I’ll be subscribing to your feed so that I can get the latest updates. Appreciate all the information here

  4. VictoriaAllen31

    I’ve been trying to subscribe to your rss feed but it’s telling me “XML-RPC not enabled”. Please let me know when it’s fixed. Thanks! 🙂

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    1. Jen

      I think so – but I have not seen any confirmations. I would wait and see what happens to RDA after the national test is done. Remember there is a 30 trial period before buying the Toolkit. Also, between June 1st and Aug. 31st, the Toolkit will be open to users free of charge. Remember that the RDA Toolkit does come with AACR2. This might be a good period to test out the online product and see if this can fit your needs or not.

  7. Carol Baker

    Would it be possible to have a lower pricing for small libraries. We want to do cataloging correctly, but this is too much for us. A one-time fee for a few years would be great.

    1. Jen

      The pricing of the RDA Toolkit has been an issue of discontent for some time. One of the primary reasons is that many institutions might not be able to afford the product. Another reason is that it is online only. As to your question about pricing, I would suggest that you contact ALA Publishing directly. Also, between June 1st and Aug. 31, the RDA Toolkit will be free.

    2. Philip Melanchthon

      Carol, you can continue “to do cataloging correctly”. Just keep following a set of rules … any rules … like AARC2, for example.

      That will still be “cataloging correctly.”

      1. Jen

        That’s a good point, Philip. From my understanding, it is up to libraries whether they will adopt RDA or continue with AACR2. WorldCat will most likely continue to support records that use AACR2 rules just like it does now for records that use ISBD rules, unknown, or other.

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