New RDA & other workshops from BCR

The BCR Library Network is offering several workshops – one being an introduction to RDA.

BCR will offer several synchronous online workshops early in 2010 which might be of interest to those involved in cataloging and metadata applications.

On Jan. 12 and 14, “When Do I Need a New Record?” will discuss those situations requiring original rather than copy cataloging. Details are at

On Jan. 12, 13 and 14, we’ll offer an “Introduction to Metadata for the Digital Environment – Online.” This explores a number of metadata schema to describe digital collections, and will include practice with Simple Dublin Core. Planning and organizing a metadata project are also addressed. Please see for further information.

On Jan. 19 and 21, we focus on searching for authority records in OCLC and controlling headings in WorldCat bibliographic records in “Using OCLC Authorities with the Connexion Client – Online.” For details, please visit

On Feb. 9 and 11, we’ll talk about “Getting Ready for RDA” (Resource Description and Access) at your library, including a discussion of the changes between RDA and the current Anglo-American Cataloging Rules, 2nd ed. (AACR2). Information on this workshop is at

“Introduction to Dublin Core Metadata – Online,” Feb. 16 through 18, will concentrate on both simple and qualified Dublin Core metadata for digital resources. Please visit for details.

Also on Feb. 16 through 18, we’ll offer an introduction to OCLC’s Connexion client software with “Cataloging Using the OCLC Connexion Client Interface – Online.” For more information, please go to

Staff familiar with Connexion client might be interested in “Customizing the OCLC Connexion Client Software – Online,” Feb. 22 and 23. This workshop discusses client functions which streamline your workflow. For details, please visit

We’ve also scheduled “Introduction to Dublin Core Metadata” as a live, in-person workshop here in our offices in Aurora, Colorado, on Jan. 22, 2010 (details are at
If you’re in the area (or can travel), we’d be happy to welcome you here. There are directions (and a map) to BCR at our web site, specifically

To register for any of these, please visit the respective workshop description page.

BCR offers many workshops on the skills used in the library outside of cataloging and technical services. If you’re curious about these, I encourage you to explore our schedule at


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