RDA PowerPoint Slides: “Crisis or Opportunity?”

Here are some slides on RDA by Diane Hillmann. Although Diane posted this slide presentation 6 months ago, the information is still very useful and provides a good overview of RDA. For those interested in metadata in general, see Diane’s website for her business called Metadata Management at: http://managemetadata.com/.


3 thoughts on “RDA PowerPoint Slides: “Crisis or Opportunity?”

  1. Jen: Thanks for pointing to these slides (I should have done it myself but have been a bit distracted this past week). The slides are actually updated a bit for a different audience, and I will definitely point that out on Slideshare. Also thanks for pointing to the Metadata Management Associates site, from which springs our “Metadata Matters” blog. I’ve been trying to post more (now that the RDA Vocabularies are done) but have found that time flies whether I’m having fun or not (my favorite excuse!). — Diane

    1. Jen

      I really liked these slides and thought that they should go up. Actually I only knew about your blog but not about Metadata management Associates. This was a great opportunity to learn about it and let others do that as well!

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