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Not that long ago Jim Weinheimer announced a new project called the Cooperative Cataloging Rules. This is a website created along with a blog by Jim Weinheimer to be an alternative to RDA, scheduled for release in some near future.

From the website:

This is a cooperative site originally created by James Weinheimer [profile] as an alternative to accepting RDA. The basic idea is to have a site where the current rules can continue to be updated. There are also the related Google Groups site, and the Blog. For more information, see the Official Announcement on the Blog.

To better understand why this website was created, whether you believe in RDA or not, the recent thread called, Cooperative Cataloging on NGC4Lib is excellent. If you go to the NGC4Lib archives for October 20, you will see the discussions on this topic.

I found 2 things of interest in this discussion:

  • Jim Weinheimer goes into his reasons why he believes RDA to be the wrong direction.
    • In short, Jim sees RDA as too expensive, untested, based on wrong user tasks as well as an outdated conceptual model. Jim highlights the fears of many that the old rules will not be maintained thus forcing RDA’s hand. The purpose of the Cooperative Cataloging rules is to be a serious alternative to RDA. These rules are based on the years of experience and build on the richness of the LCRI’s or the Library of Congress Rule Interpretations.
  • The responses to Jim’s Cooperative Cataloging Rules
    • One of the most interesting comments I found was that RDA is not a clean slate but has inherited a lot of legacy instructions from AACR2. In this way, RDA does not do away with AACR2, years of cataloging experience, or even the richness of the LCRI’s. It is a different presentation with a different orientation which also happens to include a broader perspective than just AACR2. Another interesting point was how to interpret user tasks. Because the user tasks are a list: Find, Identify, Select, Obtain, does that mean that users must perform tasks in a linear fashion? This is an excellent question. Already, FRAD has more than these 4 user tasks adding Clarify and Understand to the list.

If time permits and you find yourself questioning RDA, this is a good thread to read through. It is not that long and is not filled with some of the technical jargon that appeared in other threads recently on NGC4Lib.

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