OCLC and RDA: Webinar

I was able to attend the recent OCLC webinar. There were four presenters: Karen Calhoun, Jean Godby, Ted Fons, and Glenn Patton. Lasting just a little bit over an hour, there was enough time for presenters and questions. The topics covered were a general overview of our diverse universe and the role of RDA in that universe. How OCLC wants to go beyond MARC21 and in particular its current projects on crosswalking metadata schemas. Then there was more information about how OCLC plans to set aside a working space for the libraries testing RDA.

In general, I found the presentations good but mostly a rehash of information already available on OCLC and RDA. The webinar seemed a good opportunity for OCLC to get the pulse of the community in regards to RDA and OCLC’s role with RDA. This was achieved through the use of user polling.

The first poll was about RDA’s objective. The leading response was that: “RDA will be more responsive to users’ finding, identifying, selecting, and obtaining wanted information from library catalogs and similar tools”.

The second poll was about how people are preparing for RDA or not. The leading response was that people were using a combination of methods to prepare for RDA including revamping cataloging policies, taking webinars, reading about new developments, or attending workshops.

If you were not able to sign up for the webinar, OCLC has a recording the information. You can also view the PPT slides.