New Version of Cataloger’s Desktop

Cataloger’s Desktop 3.0 is now available. It is a major modernization of the popular web-based subscription service. Desktop is the Library of Congress’s integrated, online documentation service with the most important cataloging and metadata resources. The re-systemization of the service features a significantly enhanced bibliographic web-based toolbox.


Desktop 3.0 now operates with FAST Search & Transfer’s ESP platform, greatly expanding the search and information discovery techniques available. InfoSolutions, the Crestview Hills, Kentucky web product developer that has supported Cataloger’s Desktop for the past 6 years, worked with LC staff on the re-systemization.


Updated quarterly by the Policy and Standards Division and available to users 24-7 through the Cataloging Distribution Service, Desktop provides access to more than 280 electronic manuals, cataloging and classification standards, procedures, and metadata resources. Desktop 3.0 now adds more new operational enhancements to the service than ever before.


Major Enhancements

Desktop 3.0 incorporates the most up-to-date searching and navigation,

including: fuzzy matching, finding/excluding similar resources, dynamic drill-downs, contextual analysis, search relevancy, remembering search histories, query federation, facetted search drill-downs, and a search engine that adapts to a user’s search behavior. “Desktop 3.0 takes advantage of state-of-the-art search and navigation techniques which help users find exactly what they need faster and easier than ever before,” said Bruce Johnson, Cataloger’s Desktop product manager.


New work environment and interface enhancements include a subscriber-customizable interface, intuitive resource organization, visual clues and icons to help users conceptualize the nature of a resource and see how it interrelates with other resources, RSS feeds from the Library of Congress and other sources, drag-and-drop shortcuts, pages built on-the-fly based on result sets, and automatic alerts to changes in Desktop’s resources.


“Cataloger’s Desktop 3.0,” said Beecher Wiggins, director of the Library of Congress’s Acquisitions and Bibliographic Access Directorate, “is a good example of the Library’s continuing commitment to catalogers everywhere.” To that end, catalogers will soon have ample opportunity to see Desktop 3.0 for themselves.

“Cataloger’s Desktop 3.0 will be demonstrated continually in the Library of Congress exhibit booth at the ALA midwinter meeting in Boston in January 2010,” announced Dr. Barbara Tillett, chief of the Library of Congress’s Policy and Standards Division. “To help users make the most of the new product enhancements,” she added, “Library of Congress staff have been busy creating an array of helpful documentation.”


To help users optimize their use of Cataloger’s Desktop 3.0, a battery of learning aids and practical tips are now being developed and will be accessible online shortly. These include a series in webinars in both English and Spanish, free online training files, PowerPoint presentations, and “at-a-glance” how-to handouts.


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