Training Catalogers for RDA

In the latest issue of the Cataloging and Classification Quarterly, there were two articles on RDA.

  • Hitchens, Alison and Symons, Ellen. (2009). Preparing catalogers for RDA training. Cataloging and Classification Quarterly, 47(8), 691-707.
  • Seikel, Michele. (2009). No more romanizing : The attempt to be less Anglocentric in RDA. Cataloging and Classification Quarterly, 47(8), 741-748.

The first article presented some good ideas in terms of preparing catalogers for RDA. Some of the points highlighted:

  • Compare RDA to AACR2
  • Give concrete examples of how RDA and AACR2 are different and similar
  • Provide links to listservs, blogs, and other sources of good information
  • Make sure that people understand the new vocabulary of RDA
  • Update or create new manuals
  • Provide step by step concrete examples that help people learn how to use RDA to do their work

All of these points are very good to remember, especially the concrete examples. The second article is less about training but informative all the same. It adds more context to RDA because it explains how RDA hopes to be more international in scope. This orientation helps to understand the reason for some instructions. As a result, it is possible to better understand some instructions in RDA. For example, I found this article helpful when reading about transcribing notes in the language or script of the resource. Above all, I found that the advice listed in the first article good not just if you need to get a department ready for RDA. Hitchens and Symons’ advice could be adapted to any new task or change for which catalogers need to be trained. I would definitely recommend reading these articles.


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