Google Chrome

Google is very busy these days. Add to the list of their activities the new operating system Chrome. Digital Inspiration had this to say about Google Chrome.

Built from SUSE Studios, the Chrome OS Linux is basically is a light install of SUSE Linux containing that latest developer build of Chrome for Linux that launches by default on startup.  You can either download either a virtual hard drive with Chrome OS installed to run it inside Virtual Box or VMware, or you can burn the Linux distro onto a disk and install it to your hard drive. The files are compressed in the .tar.gz format so you can use the free 7-Zip program to extract them on to the local drive.

When you start up Chrome OS Linux, the Google Chrome browser will automatically run and will ask you to choose whether to set Chrome as the default browser and to send anonymous data to Google about the browser. Everything should be automatically setup for you to quickly browse the web. Most websites will work fine though the Flash player is not supported in this version of the Google Chrome browser.

Google Chrome is open source and according to their official blog site is very lightweight. Currently, it is still under development. If you want to play around with this, it is possible to download the browser Google Chrome.


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