Webinar on OCLC and RDA

I just learned from the OCLC-CAT listserv that OCLC is offering a new webinar on OCLC and RDA at no cost. I’ve pasted the information below.

OCLC Updates and Special Offers: Cataloging and Metadata

Register to attend the webinar, “RDA and OCLC”

RDA, Resource Description and Access, is the new cataloging standard that will replace AACR2. RDA offers libraries the potential to change significantly how bibliographic data is created and used. The RDA publication is scheduled for formal release later this year. To help you learn more, OCLC is offering a webinar titled, “RDA and OCLC.”

Choose the date and time that’s most convenient for you and register to attend one of the sessions listed below.

During the no-cost, live webinar you’ll learn about:

*   Ongoing work at OCLC that relates to RDA concepts, including bibliographic relationships, linked data and mappings to and from other data structures

*   OCLC’s involvement in the development and testing of RDA

*   Work being done at OCLC to support implementation of RDA

*   Other resources that will help you prepare for the implementation of RDA

Tuesday, October 27, 2009, 11:00 AM Eastern Time Register >><http://visit.oclc.org/t?r=896&c=1821045&l=25684&ctl=2AE7E48:A3CA66107A102934F7CD615066AF9FC0B99A427DD10DD538&>

Friday, October 30, 2009, 1:00 PM Eastern Time Register >><http://visit.oclc.org/t?r=896&c=1821045&l=25684&ctl=2AE7E49:A3CA66107A102934F7CD615066AF9FC0B99A427DD10DD538&>

More information about RDA is available on the Joint Steering Committee for Development of RDA Web site<http://visit.oclc.org/t?r=896&c=1821045&l=25684&ctl=2AE7E4A:A3CA66107A102934F7CD615066AF9FC0B99A427DD10DD538&>, the OCLC Web site<http://visit.oclc.org/t?r=896&c=1821045&l=25684&ctl=2AE7E4B:A3CA66107A102934F7CD615066AF9FC0B99A427DD10DD538&> and on Metalogue<http://visit.oclc.org/t?r=896&c=1821045&l=25684&ctl=2AE7E4C:A3CA66107A102934F7CD615066AF9FC0B99A427DD10DD538&>, a cataloguing and metadata blog.


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