Google Wave

I heard about this new feature from Google from a friend who explained that it’s the new thing to replace email. He wasn’t quite sure what Google Wave was apart from that. Since then I hadn’t heard any news until a recent post over at the Proverbial Lone Wolf.

Basically, Google Wave is an online communication tool that happens in real time or not in order to facilitate collaboration between people. From their about page, Google says that:

Google Wave is an online communication and collaboration tool that makes real-time interactions more seamless — in one place, you can communicate and collaborate using richly formatted text, photos, videos, maps, and more.

A wave is a conversation with multiple participants — participants are people added to a wave to discuss and collaborate on its content. Participants can reply any time and anywhere within a wave, and they can edit content and add more participants as a wave develops. It’s also possible to rewind waves with the playback functionality, to see what happened, and when.

This explanation is a little obscure. Thanks to the YouTube video from the Proverbial Lone Wolf, one can understand what this service is about. After this video, I’ve also added the presentation from the folks from Google. It’s a little long but goes more into the technical details.


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