RDA Survey

Do you want to express your opinion on RDA? Here’s another chance with this survey being conducted by Kiyomi out of Drexel.

Here’s her summary:

I am conducting a brief, 11 question, survey regarding the upcoming RDA
release at the end of November.  If you have the time please fill it out and
feel free to pass the survey link on to other catalogers.  This survey will
be open until November 1st.

This survey is open to everyone in the cataloging community.  There is an
option to leave your e-mail address on the submit page that I cannot get rid
of, but you do not need to enter your name or e-mail for your survey to be
submitted. Any e-mail addresses or names will be removed from the data
before analysis.


Thank you for your time,

Kiyomi Deards
Drexel M.L.I.S. Student

4 thoughts on “RDA Survey

  1. Thank you for the post! It’s very interesting seeing what people think about RDA, and I’ve started the preliminary data entry. I’ve currently received 146 responses and look forward to reading everyone’s views on RDA.

    1. jeneustis

      I thought it was an interesting survey. It would be great if you could also post the answers and your evaluation. There is a lot of mixed feelings about RDA. My sense that until it is published and the testing is finished people will wait and see what happens.

      1. I’ll definitely be sharing the results once the survey closes. I’m trying to work on the data input every day so that I don’t get swamped by it at the end. I suddenly understand why professors hire graduate students as research assistants to do data input 😉

        I know some people prefer more fact based surveys but, I think how people feel about RDA will affect the rate of adoption, initial success, and the rate of improvement for RDA. Who knows RDA might evolve into yet another system. Individuals beliefs shape organizations and as a former history minor it’s fascinating to watch a piece of history unfold in front of me. I think I love library science because it lets me indulge a variety of interests.

      2. jeneustis

        I believe that RDA will change into something else, hopefully something besides RDA version 2. It is really a shame that it is still relatively difficult to track changes with RDA. The official website is not updated regularly. And many of the online workshops on RDA remain very much an introduction instead of how to construct records and the like. Of course one of the reasons is that the official product just hasn’t been published, most cataloging depts. aren’t ready for RDA and people are still unsure of what will happen to workflows and how to get RDA records in the ILS’s and OCLC.

        Looking forward to the results.

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