Web 3.0 and Linked Data

There is a huge amount of information that has been posted or is still coming out from the ALA conference in Chicago. This is one of them that I learned about on web 3.0 and linked data.

On her blog, Metadata Matters, Diane Hillman posted a short piece called Linked Data at ALA Annual. She and others gave presentations on how libraries can move from legacy to linked data.

The speakers were: Eric Miller (President, Zepheira, Inc.), me, Jennifer Bowen (Co-Principal Investigator, eXtensible Catalog Project, University of Rochester), Rebecca Guenther (Senior Networking and Standards Specialist, Network Development & MARC Standards Office, Library of Congress).

Diane provides some great links. One of them is to the report from Greg Landgraf for ALA that summarizes the session. The other link is to the presentations at the ALA wiki at : http://wikis.ala.org/annual2009/index.php/Grassroots_Programs.

Besides learning more about libraries can lead the linked data movement according to Eric Miller, this is good starting place to learn about linked data in general and the web 3.0.

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