Linked Data and the Cloud

Paul Miller recently posted on whether linked data needs RDF. Basically, Paul says that RDF is a good thing and that linked data is more powerful with RDF (or the resource description framework).

However, he writes:

The problem, I contend, comes when well-meaning and knowledgeable advocates of both Linked Data and RDF conflate the two and infer, imply or assert that ‘Linked Data’ can only be Linked Data if expressed in RDF.

Paul continues his article to summarize his point of view and why he sees that linked data as expressed only in RDF is a problem. He adds a good deal about the controversies surrounding linked data and RDF as well as resources at the end of his post.

From following the discussion on linked data from the surface, it sounds like an amazing stage in the development of the web. This article highlights the disagreements of how to reach that next stage. Because of this, I found this article helpful in learning about the controversies surrounding RDF and linked data.