RDA Textbook set to publish in April 2010

Facet Publishing is set to publish a new textbook on RDA in April 2010. The textbook by Shawne D Miksa will:

introduce descriptive and subject cataloguing and classification as it is currently practised, and in particular introduces Resource Description and Access (RDA), the new set of cataloguing rules that replace the Anglo-American Cataloguing Rules (AACR). The new rules represent the response of the international cataloguing community to the current global information environment. Their principal goal is to facilitate resource discovery with library catalogues in a more consistent and powerful way than was possible with AACR, and this book is a guide to how to use them to achieve bibliographic control. The key areas covered are:

  • library cataloguing in the digital era
  • descriptive cataloguing
  • subject cataloguing
  • encoding catalogue records
  • sustaining and supporting the catalogue procedures.

Hopefully, the actual document will be released on schedule.

7 thoughts on “RDA Textbook set to publish in April 2010

    1. jeneustis

      That’s a great point Diane. I recently looked at the NSDL registry (the main site is at, http://metadataregistry.org/). There’s A LOT of options for vocabularies and it doesn’t necessarily make sense, especially out of context. I was also asked how these options would be used and how the URI would also be used in conjunction with the vocabularies. It would be helpful to get into that and perhaps why these vocabularies came into existence and how they’re going to evolve.

    1. jeneustis

      You’ll have to keep us up to date about our progress. Have you found that writing the book is difficult given that some sections of RDA are not even out and with the controversies?

      1. Yes, but I expected that. The controversies…eh, those are always present. I like a good “fight”. And, catalogers are pretty good at figuring out puzzles so working around sections not yet completed, I feel, is very doable.

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