Leigh Dodds on Linked Data

Over at the Nodalities blog, Leigh Dodds posted a highlight of his presentation on linked data.

I opened by speaking about the fundamental idea behind Linked Data: that data be put online, in a very fine-grained way. This takes us beyond having stable links for datasets or just articles, and yields web identifiers for the Who, Why, What, Where and When of the content: every person; place; category; and event can each be identified, annotated and ultimately linked together into a navigable whole. RDF, as the core technology for Linked Data, is very simple to get to grips with, with the notion of resources and their connections being something that anyone can intuitively grasp in a few minutes.

He also includes a short inroad into the notion of verifying sources and checking the quality of data.

The ability to identify and ignore questionable sources, or identify stories that are drawn from inaccurate data or analyses, is something that has been previously been very hard to do.

It will be interesting to follow the progress of linked data to see if it can live up to this ability of data quality control.

This is a good detour. And, Leigh has included links to his PowerPoint presentation and some other resources for linked data.