OCLC Expert Community Experiment, June 2009 Stats In

Glenn Patton just posted the statistics for the OCLC Expert Community Experiment for the month of June.

In June, activity was higher with 19,387 replaces compared to 16,704 in May.  That brings us to a total of 79,406 Expert Community replaces since the Experiment started in February. The number of Expert Community replaces continues to be higher than any other type of replace.

1,011 institutions did at least one replace during the month of June with 16 institutions doing more than 200 replaces. 1573 institutions have done at least 1 replace during the span  of the Experiment with 449 having activity each month.
Intensive review of replaced records for the month of May has been completed and the June review has started.

As we announced at the beginning of the Experiment, it will last at least until August 15th.  As we make more progress with the review process, we will have more information about future plans.

Here are statistics for other types of replaces during June:
Database Enrichment: 16, 992 (up from 15,950)
Minimal-Level Upgrade: 14,185 (up from 13,178)
Enhance Regular: 15,212 (down from 15,521)
Enhance National: 3400 (up from 2,998)
CONSER Authentication: 1,490 (up from 1,118)
CONSER Maintenance: 5,785 (up from 5,410)
During June, OCLC staff presented two webinars on parallel records.  A recorded version of one of those sessions is now available from the Expert Community page



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