OCLC Expert Community Stats for May

Glenn Patton has just put out the statistics for May in regards to the OCLC Expert Community Experiment.

In May, there were 16,704 Expert Community Experiment replaces (down from 19,489 in April).  Activity since the start of the Experiment now totals 60,244 records replaced.  There were 1024 institutions that did at least one replace in May.  Individual institution numbers ranged from 2 institutions doing more than 400 replaces and 2 institutions doing  more than 300 replaces to 283 institutions doing 1 replace each.
Here are the number for the other types of replaces during the same time period:
Database Enrichment: 15,950
Minimal-Level Upgrade: 13,178
Enhance Regular: 15,521
Enhance National: 2,998
CONSER Authentication: 1,118
CONSER Maintenance: 5,410
Later this month, we will offer a webinar on parallel records.  Watch for the announcements.