Google Chrome

I have tried several browsers over the years: Safari, Netscape, Explorer, Firefox, Opera… Currently, I tend to stick with either Firefox or Safari or Explorer or Firefox at word.

The other day I learned that Google had improved their new browser. I gave it a try at work and indeed Google Chrome outperformed both Firefox and Explorer in speed and ease of use.
I’m not sure how this new browser performs with such things like Netflix or Hulu. But for viewing general pages on the web, I enjoyed the speed and low learning curve.

To download go to:


2 thoughts on “Google Chrome

  1. Aubrey

    I last tried Chrome a month ago, but left it behind because it was notorious for not being able to display pdfs. I also missed the small arrow button with the “back” and “forward” navigation buttons.

    What is your experience with these 2 things? Has Google improved upon them?

    1. jeneustis

      You are definitely correct about the PDF’s. I wasn’t able to open any. This is definitely something Google needs to look at. I didn’t have trouble finding the back and forward buttons, which are in the top left corner. I have noticed that for some unexplained reason Chrome just closes without any warnings. Typically I use Chrome to access Class Web and other authorities and vocabularies needed for work. Since this is text based and doesn’t require me to open any PDF’s or other such actions, I have found that it is quicker than Firefox and Explorer.

      On the whole, I would not use Chrome for everything. But knowing Google, there might be another update in a couple of months. Microsoft is also coming out with a new browser called Bing… I haven’t heard anything about it in terms of functionality though.

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