RDA Test Libraries

If you remember, the Working Group on the Future of Bibliographic Control at the Library of Congress put out a call for volunteers to test RDA. The deadline for the form was April 13. According to their timeline, the Working Group was to notify the libraries who asked to be part of this test if they had been chosen or not. What has happened? Is the test going forward as planned?

Susan Morris over at the Library of Congress answered that question just today. She emailed me that:

we intend to post the list of selected testers on the RDA Test Website at http://www.loc.gov/bibliographic-future/rda/ Our announcement has been delayed because we received more than 90 applications to participate, and the US National Libraries RDA Test Steering Committee considered each one carefully.  We hope to post the list of selected test partners on the Website by May 22.

WOW, more than 90 applications! I will be looking forward to the final decisions around May 22….


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