OCLC Expert Community Activity for April

Glenn Patton has just announced the activity reports for the OCLC Expert Community Experiment that started in Feb. of this year.

In April, there were 19,489 Expert Community Experiment replaces (up
from 18,910 in March).  Activity since the start of the Experiment now
totals 44,215 records replaced.  There were 1025 institutions that did
at least one replace in April.  Individual institution numbers ranged
from 1 institution doing more than 500 replaces and 5 institutions doing
more that 400 replaces to 287 institutions doing 1 replace each.

Here are the number for the other types of replaces during the same time

Database Enrichment: 19,250
Minimal-Level Upgrade: 14,568
Enhance Regular: 14,705
Enhance National: 3,323
CONSER Authentication: 1,547
CONSER Maintenance: 6,010

Congratulations and thank you to all who have participated in the
Experiment thus far. If you haven’t yet tried this expanded capability
to upgrade and enrich master records, take a look at the Experiment
Guidelines and FAQ
and give it a try.

It seems that this experiment is really taking off! Hopefully it is a feature OCLC intends to keep.


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